Changing the Narrative of not allowing the GIRLS KID in the ICT SPACE


Empowering girls to choose a career in ICT is not just good for girls and their families, it can be a major accelerator of socio-economic development at the national level.”

Brahima Sanou, Director, ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau

As we approach the annual “Girls in ICT Day,” the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is highlighting the need to promote career opportunities for girls and women in the world’s fastest-growing sector. As the world faces an estimated skills shortfall of over two million jobs in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector within the next five years, ITU hopes to inspire both government and the private sector to find ways to equip girls and young women with the skills they need to become ICT professionals. 


Though ICT is a key catalyst for women’s employment and socioeconomic empowerment, most girls in Bangladesh and Pakistan are still excluded from advances in digitalization. If Bangladesh had provided the mostly female ready-made garments sector workforce with an ICT education, this nation could now be a developed one. Now, with the next wave of technological revolution upon us, it is critical that we learn from this lesson and build a skilled ICT female workforce. However, there are significant challenges, as ICT access and education remains urban-centric, gender exclusive, and expensive

The leadership and participation of young women and girls are at the heart of all these efforts. On International Girls in ICT Day, let us work together to prioritize girls’ access to technology, and to ensure meaningful connectivity in a safe and empowering environment to girls in the world.